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ATHENS, present day: crippled by Greece’s economic crisis, the city faces one of the worst crime waves in Europe. Gangs of armed men pour into the country to take advantage of the chaos and a series of violent robberies rocks Greece to its core. A new police motorbike unit, DIAS, is created by the government. Its specialty is to deploy four heavily armed officers to any crime scene in under one minute. THEO, a young Athenian who’s just lost his job, decides to join up. Thrilled by the chase and wanting to make a difference, he is quickly thrown into a whirlwind of action and violence and becomes a pivotal player for his unit. Yet with each new arrest, the enraged gangs plan a series of even deadlier crimes that will push Dias to its breaking point, until Dias itself, becomes their target.

This film is inspired by the real DIAS motorcycle squad that patrols the streets of Athens since 2010.

Germany, UK / 2016 / English